1st FUTURE SKY SAFETY Public Workshop

1st FUTURE SKY SAFETY Public Workshop

1st FUTURE SKY SAFETY Public Workshop

The 1st FUTURE SKY SAFETY public workshop “Future Sky Safety: a Joint Programme for Aviation safety” was held on the 8-9 March, 2017 in Brussels, at Eurocontrol Headquarters.

The event consisted of a 2-day workshop aimed at discussing emerging safety issues and trends and providing update on the latest research developments. First, the workshop opened with an overview of the institutional safety projects coordinated by the European Research Establishments in Aeronautics, provided by EREA. Later on, across the two days, five technical sessions explored key topics such as:

  • Reduction of runway excursion;
  • Total aviation system risk prevention and mitigation;
  • Reduction of the likelihood of organisational accidents;
  • Improvement of pilot performance and reduction of human errors;
  • Mitigation of risk of fire, smoke and fumes in modern cabins.

Future Sky Safety’s Project Managers chaired the discussion, while renowned external speakers gave presentations on each topic. Speakers included members of the industry and SMEs (Abbink Aviation Consultancy, Airbus, EasyJet, ONERA, Safe-Runway GmbH, Thales), research centres (CSEM, DLR, INCAS, London School of Economics, NLR, University of Lille), and institutions (EASA, ENAC, Eurocontrol, INEA, NASA).

Finally, the workshop was complemented by a poster session revolving around these topics, hosting posters by projects such as RETINA, P4, P5 and P7.


On the occasion of this workshop, Future Sky Safety printed a handout describing the work performed by the different projects, highlighting the results they achieved and the contribution they brought to the aviation safety research. The Future Sky Safety handout, along with the presentations given during the workshop as well as the posters displayed, can now be found below in this page.

Future Sky Safety would like to thank all who attended the workshop and who helped to make it successfull! We hope to meet you again at our next public workshop, to be hosted in 2018 to spread the final results achieved by Future Sky Safety.

Presentations – Day 1
Developing Safety Research: Views from a Regulator by Emmanuel Isambert, EASA
Program Overview by Michel Piers, NLR
Cost-benefit Analysis of runway occurrences by Rob van Eekeren, Safe-Runway GmbH
Aerodynamic analysis of aircraft at high sideslip crosswind gust & simulation of hydroplaning effects by Gabriel Cojocaru, INCAS
“Big data Analytics” of braking distance at Paris-CDG airport by Gilles Beauquet, Thales
How can we reduce runway excursion risk? by Gerard van Es, NLR
Data4Safety. The European Big Data Programme for Aviation Safety by Emmanuel Isambert, EASA
The Risk Observatory. Strengthening the ability to monitor safety performance by Joram Verstraeten, NLR
Risk modelling: from safety data to a risk picture by Marta Llobet Lopez, EUROCONTROL
Big data for improving aerospace safety by Gerben van Baren, NLR
easyJet’s experience of our first safety culture survey by Siân Blanchard and David Cross, easyJet
Airline safety culture: A pan-European survey study of pilots by Dr Tom Reader, London School of Economics
Safety intelligence and middle managers – the undiscovered country? by Corinne Bieder, Airbus/ENAC
Presentations – Day 2
Using the Human Performance Envelope to inform Future Trajectory Based Operations by Dr Tamsyn Edwards, NASA Ames
Charting the Human Performance Envelope: Results from simulator experiments by Alia Lemkaddem, CSEM
Designing the future pilot for the future sky by Frederik Mohrmann, NLR
How to protect aircraft against fire with an intumescent cake? by Serge Bourbigot, University of Lille
Fire properties and behaviour of composite materials by Gillian Leplat and Julien Berthe, ONERA
Fibre metal laminates for improved structural behaviour under fire exposure by Martin Liebisch, DLR
How European Research contributes to Aviation Safety by Frederik Abbink, Abbink Aviation Consultancy
Future Sky Safety Handout
• P4 poster – Physical models for the prediction of incident probabilities
• P5 poster – The Safety Dashboard user group
• P5 poster – Organisational capability of agile response to crises
• P7 poster – Geopolymer composites
• RETINA poster – Augmented and virtual reality in the airport control tower: the RETINA concept


08/03/2017 to


EUROCONTROL Headquarters Room Europe Rue de la Fusée, 96 1130 Brussels (Haren)