New deliverables available

New deliverables available

New deliverables available

Future Sky Safety published four deliverables and a technical publication:

  • P4 Total System Risk Assessment released a Total Aviation System Risk Picture 2016, providing ideas for future improvements of such a risk picture, and a technical publication defining a Preliminary Business Model of the Risk Observatory describing organisational, operational, financial and legal aspects of setting up and maintaining an organisation that manages the Risk Observatory.
  • P5 Resolving the Organisational Accident published a Safety Intelligence tools for Executive and Middle Managers, concerning the use of Safety Dashboards to support safety intelligence at executive and middle management levels, and a Safety Mindfulness Methodology specifying the Safety Mindfulness concept and presenting a model able to improve organizational mindfulness.
  • P6 Human Performance Envelope released a Test Report Preliminary Testing with System Pilots Cognitive Task Analysis. P6’s Deliverable D6.1 defined the concept of Human Performance Envelope (HPE);┬áD6.2 described the validation plan of the real time simulations. This test report describes the results of the real time simulations, whilst the next deliverable D6.4 will focus on the interactions and connections of the results.

The full documents are available, in pdf format, both in the download page and in the Project pages (Deliverables section).

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