Project #5 paper publication

Project #5 paper publication

Project #5 paper publication

The first paper produced by Future Sky Safety has been published. The paper has been presented by P5 “Resolving the organisational accident” at the last Resilience Engineering Association (REA) Symposium.

The paper, “An Overview of Agility and Resilience: from Crisis Management to Aviation”, focusses on the concepts of agility and resilience in the management of complex safety- and security-critical operations. Its scope is to identify research tensions, opportunities for cross-over of research, and challenges for the successful practical application of both agility and resilience in relation to associated research disciplines. The paper also attempts to advance a focussed discussion of research progress of agility and resilience and its practical implications, and to provide implications for research on agility and resilience in aviation. The full paper is available on the Resilience Engineering Association website.

For further information on the project, visit P5 “Resolving the organisational accident” page.

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