Project #2

Project #2

Dissemination Exploitation and Communication

Type of Project

Transversal Project

What is Project #2 about?

Dissemination, exploitation and communication of knowledge are a key ingredient for any successful research project. P2 is specifically dedicated to Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication; its goals are to:

  • Develop a dissemination plan and communication strategies;
  • Disseminate safety research findings to relevant target audience;
  • Develop a plan for exploitation of results;
  • Develop a knowledge and data management policy and approach;
  • Assess dissemination activities.

P2 ensures that all aspects of dissemination are efficiently and effectively managed over the entire duration of the project, aiming at communicating dynamically, in a consistent and distinctive way, while engaging and involving different categories of audiences. The dissemination plan will be developed with the aim of disseminating the results and communicating them to the appropriate target audiences. A specific task (WP2.1) will be dedicated to these activities.

A Dissemination Team is set-up as part of the management structure to achieve the goals of the dissemination and exploitation activities and maximise the impact.

Project Manager: CIRA

Dissemination, exploitation, communication

P2 “Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication” is divided in 5 technical Work Packages.

WP2.1 - Communication strategies and Dissemination of results

This WP deals with the development of dissemination policies and procedures, ensures that different actions will be undertaken towards dissemination and audience and identifies the proper matching between the messages to be disseminated with the target audience and the means used.

WP2.2 – Exploitation

The WP2.2 works on the definition of the exploitation policy and procedures/measures and on the scheduling for R&D Results and Education exploitation activities. The activity to be performed consists in the identification of the list of technologies, potential organisational issues for innovation and range of potential users – the assessment of the impacts of those results and the definition of a set of recommended exploitation measures. This WP will also identify and attempt to implement a set of educational activities capable of promoting technical studies and careers within the aviation safety area.

WP2.3 - Knowledge and Data Management

The goal of this WP is to plan and implement a strategy for knowledge management and protection, potential open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications resulting from Future Sky Safety and an approach to manage and protect the research data, reports and scientific publications.

WP2.4 – Project Web Site

The main activity of WP2.4 consists of the design and development of the project website, including its maintenance and continuous updating of information generated by the Projects.

WP2.5 - Assessment of Dissemination and Exploitation Activities

The goal of this WP is to assess the dissemination activities and the exploitation activities.

P2 will ensure that all aspects of dissemination are efficiently and effectively managed over the entire duration of the programme, aiming at communicating dynamically, in a consistent and distinctive way. Safety is a topic whose effects are conditioned by several factors and users. The overarching goal is to contribute building better pathways for dissemination of safety research findings to relevant target audience to improve aviation safety level and increase awareness of R&TD results in the field of safety. It is the ambition of Future Sky Safety to ensure knowledge transfer.

Important impacts are expected by the Education activities:

  • Raising interest in the Air Transport and Aeronautics domain;
  • Fostering scientific and technical studies;
  • Promoting careers in aeronautics, preparing young people to meet recruitment demands for highly skilled professionals in the Air Transport and Aeronautics domain.

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