Two white papers in preparation

Two white papers in preparation

Two white papers in preparation

Two Future Sky Safety projects are now preparing white papers to disseminate their results.

Project #5 – Resolving the organisational accident is about to release the “Aviation safety dashboards. Safety intelligence” white paper.
Safety Intelligence does not only refer to information about safety, but also implies smart presentation of such data, tailored to the decision-makers, and user-centred. In order to support the decision-making process, managers need to make the right decisions based on clear information.
The safety intelligence research performed by P5 started at the top, examining “safety wisdom”, namely how chief executives understand and manage safety. Then, P5 visited ANSPs already engaged in safety intelligence and using safety dashboards to present information to their executive boards. Finally, the project worked with a single large European ANSP to develop a bespoke safety dashboard, which was unveiled in early 2019, receiving strong positive feedback.

Project #7 – Mitigating the risk of fire, smoke & fumes, instead, is preparing a white paper dedicated to the Cabin Air Quality research done within Future Sky Safety.
This white paper proposes the concept of an “Industrial cabin air quality Framework based on Continuous Air quality Sensing (IFCAS)”. In addition, it presents the main state of the art, including EASA studies, on cabin air quality.

Keep following us for updates on these documents!

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