P3 posters in progress

P3 posters in progress

P3 posters in progress

In preparation for the 2nd Future Sky Safety Internal Workshop, to be held in Cologne next December, Project #3 “Specific solutions for runway excursion accidents” is working on three different posters that will help illustrate project results to the whole Consortium.

Cranfield University is producing a poster on the use of finite element (FE) analysis to develop a more realistic and representative model of the tyre’s structural behaviour. Experimental tyre test were carried out to help validate the FE tyre model and many scenarios were modelled using the FE model of the tyre, including quasi-static compression, rolling a tyre over a wedge and rolling tyre simulations.

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) is working on a poster showing the status of the research it carries out. The poster covers topics like the frequency combination of crosswind and slippery runway for Far East airports; pilot questioning on veer-off problemlanding track identification and track description; and data mining methods consideration, which could be used to identify landing incident/accident precursors based on flight data analysis.

Finally, INCAS will present a poster related to its research on crosswind and slippery runways. INCAS developed a proper dynamic A/C control model that simulates the motion of an aircraft in critical condition of veer-of due to hydroplaning and gust wind. A confident aerodynamic CFD simulation, at large sideslip angles, gives the input data for a generic A320 model. To mitigate the runway excursion, the engine Thrust Reverse Control (TRC) is proposed and mathematically documented. This could represent an innovative proposal for an automatic A/C trajectory controller on the critical contaminated runways.

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