Organisations, such as ANSPs, airports and airlines, are part of a wider system, and so safety issues in one organisation, or at the interfaces between organisations, can have implications for others. Therefore, there is a need for collaboration between organisations. But in practice, how can organisations work together on safety?

Future Sky Safety’s Project #5 – Resolving the organisational accident worked to adapt the EUROCONTROL safety culture approach, already used in air traffic organisations in more than 30 European countries, to the airline and airport side of the aviation operation as a strategy to improve safety.

This led to the establishment at the London Luton Airport (LLA) of what has become known as the “LTN Safety Stack”, a group of 15 organisations, all based at the airport, collaborating to discuss safety issues and opportunities.

The idea is simple. At an airport, many organisations have to work together to enable smooth and safe airport operations for passengers, freight and business users. Such users range from airlines, air traffic control and ground handlers, to de-icers, fuel services, baggage handlers, caterers and cleaning services. They are all connected and they already work closely together, so why not have them work together on safety?

Since January 2017 when it was formed, the LTN Safety Stack has been meeting periodically to develop harmonised procedures for all operators at LTN, and a common safety dashboard, where each organisation will contribute its main current and upcoming concerns, with the final aim of making each operation safe.

Now, let’s see what an aircraft turnaround at London Luton Airport looks like today, with many thanks to Pure Brand Media and the London Luton Stack for allowing us to share the video.

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