Proceedings from the DGAC Symposium

Proceedings from the DGAC Symposium

Proceedings from the DGAC Symposium

On the 31st of March and 1st of April, 2016 Future Sky Safety’s P3 “Specific solutions for runway excursion accidents” took part in the Runway Surface Conditions Assessment and Reporting Symposium organised by the Civil Aviation Technical Center of DGAC in Paris, France.

A report of the event is available on the Friction Symposium website, along with presentations made in the two-day symposium.

During a session specifically dedicated to “Solution to prevent runway excursions”, P3 presented both the State of current knowledge regarding tyre braking performance of modern aircraft tyres on flooded runways (Gerard van ES – NLR, The Netherlands) and New concepts to prevent excursions or the consequences of excursions (Frédéric BARBARESCO – Thales Air Systems, France).

The event was the occasion to meet an extremely specialised audience including representatives of aerodrome operators, international organizations, professional bodies, civil aviation authorities, air navigation services, research organizations, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

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