New P5 deliverables released

New P5 deliverables released

New P5 deliverables released

We have recently released three new documents produced by Project #5 “Resolving the organisational accident”:

D5.9 concerns understanding the Middle Manager’s role in safety. To do so, 48 Middle Managers were interviewed from a range of organisations, and a descriptive and an explanatory model were developed, to lead to guidance on how best to harness this key resource for organizational safety.

The Safety Mindfulness model advocates on active flows of relevant and useful information that support decision and action to effectively mitigate risk, both directly within operations as well as in the management of system improvement. The main objective is to validate the Safety Mindfulness model and the related technologies in two case studies. To do so, a multiple-case study methodology has been used to evaluate the conditions under which the ‘mindfulness’ phenomenon is likely to be found, across multiple cases. The D5.12 describes the results of this process.

One of Project #5’s aims is to ensure that safety culture can map onto processes and practices in an organisation. The Safety Culture Stack approach has achieved this via the collaborative safety efforts of fifteen organisations located at a single airport: this approach is described in the D5.13

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