New P3 deliverables released

New P3 deliverables released

New P3 deliverables released

We have recentlly made available three new documents by Project #3 “Specific solutions for runway excursion accidents”:

D3.5 presents possible data sources and combinations supporting the building of algorithms that can be used to analyze flight data for runway veer-off excursion risk factors. For the same purpose, it explores potential machine learning and data mining approaches.

D3.6 analyzes aircraft aerodynamic characteristics under high sideslip angles (crosswind) during the takeoff/landing ground roll, and evaluates the longitudinal and lateral aerodynamic coefficients at high sideslip angles due to the lateral gust when the flow separation is fully present. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) evaluations are conducted on two representative aircraft models.

D3.7 presents the initial testing results of tyre/ground interaction on dry and contaminated surfaces, and for veer-off conditions.

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