Highlights from the 1st workshop

Highlights from the 1st workshop

Highlights from the 1st workshop

The 1st Future Sky Safety Consortium Workshop has been held on 17-18 February, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium at the European Commission premises. More than seventy people from the Consortium and a good number of representatives from the European Commission (INEA, DG MOVE, DG RTD) and EU-related services (EASA, Clean Sky) took part in the event.

The first day focussed on the five technical projects in the programme. Each project gave a presentation to provide the audience with an overview of the project itself and its initial achievements. Presentations were generally well received by participants, and fostered a fruitful internal discussion on research needs and future steps.

The second day was fully dedicated to (complementary) institutionally funded safety research, which is being performed by EREA research establishments. The workshop hosted the launch of the first edition of the EREA Aviation Safety Research Plan (ASRP) and the kick-off of agreed new co-operations on safety between EREA organisations.

Overall, the workshop fully reached its objectives, in terms of European Commission and partners’ participation and awareness on projects activities and progress to date.

We now look forward to seeing you next year, during the first Future Sky Safety public workshop. This Public Event is scheduled to take place on 8-9 March 2017. Save the date!

Future Sky Safety 1st workshop

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