Future Sky Safety at the Aerodays and the Paris Airshow

Future Sky Safety at the Aerodays and the Paris Airshow

Future Sky Safety at the Aerodays and the Paris Airshow

Future Sky Safety has attended the 8th European Aeronautics Days (Aerodays) in Bucharest, Romania on the 27-30th of May, 2019, and will attend the International Paris Airshow in June.

Aerodays is the leading event in aviation research and innovation, mirroring the priorities and strategies set within the European Union Research Framework Programmes. Building on the achievements of Horizon 2020, Aerodays 2019 provided a solid platform to share and review the latest developments in aeronautics and air transport across the European Union.
The Paris Le Bourget Airshow is one of the oldest and largest air shows in the world, where the newest technologies of the aerospace industry are presented. Already for the fifty-third time, the International Paris Air Show will take place from 17-23rd of June 2019 in Le Bourget.

Future Sky Safety at the Aerodays 2019

Future Sky Safety was showcased at a booth in the exhibition area of the European Commission at the Aerodays 2019. We displayed various videos illustrating the Programme and its achievements, and distributed our flyers, brochures and handouts presenting the work we have done and the resulting outcomes.
In addition, we showed the SAFEORG tools for Organisational Safety developed in the Project #5 – Resolving the organisational accident, the Smart vest for real-time measurement of physiological data developed within Project #6 – Human performance envelope, and the geopolymer panel tested in the framework of Project #7 – Mitigating the risk of fires, smokes & fumes.
A session dedicated to Operation Safety and Security involved three presentations about Future Sky Safety, with contributions from Michel Piers, Barry Kirwan and Marcus Biella.

Future Sky Safety at the Paris Le Bourget Airshow

In June, Future Sky Safety will be again showcased at the European Commission booth at the International Paris Airshow. We look forward to seeing you in Hall 2a B276 of the exhibition area. Michel Piers, Lennaert Speijker and Marcello Amato will host our booth, distributing flyers, brochures and handouts, showing videos, and showcasing the aviation safety solutions also displayed during Aerodays.